The Artist


Josh was born and raised in sunny South Florida where his artistic journey began. From as early as he can recall, he was drawing, painting, and sculpting eventually earning his BS in Graphic Arts and MS in Marketing.

Josh married his college sweetheart, started a family, and continued to climb the ranks as a project management executive. But in 2021, life dealt a devastating blow to his family when his wife received a stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. Determined to maintain as much normalcy as possible, Josh juggled the duties of caring for his wife and their kids. But during the quiet moments, when everyone was sound asleep, the mental toll weighed heavily on Josh. It was during these dark moments that Josh returned to his lifelong passion of art as a creative and therapeutic outlet.

Thankfully, his wife's medical treatments resulted in a cancer-free outcome. Yet, Josh kept creating and began to pursue his artistic journey as a professional. All of the art you see was hand-drawn by Josh through what he calls his creative rediscovery.

Josh aspires to ignite creativity in others, not just as a form of expression, but as a healthy channel for healing, connection, motivation, and joy–especially when overcoming tough times. Through his art, Josh encourages viewers to look beyond the surface and engage with the stories behind each piece. He believes that everyone has a story that’s worth being told and embeds hidden story elements within each of his artistic creations. He aptly named his unique artistic style, Art + Story.