Sixteen 3000s

Experience Joshua Montgomery's groundbreaking tribute, "Sixteen 3000's," celebrating Andre 3000's mastery of 16-bar verses and artistic freedom. The museum-quality 16" x 16" masterpiece, "Free," printed on premium canvas, encapsulates Andre 3000's liberation from societal expectations, emphasizing the essence of defining oneself without yielding to external pressures. 

Listen in as Josh explain the hidden story (easter eggs) of this masterpiece!

Museum Quality: This hand-drawn, 16" x 16" masterpiece, titled "Free," is printed on premium, textured, fade-resistant acid-free (OBA-Free), PH neutral, poly-cotton base, 20.5 mil thick, stretched gallery wrapped, hand-glued solid wood stretcher bars, 1.5″ (thick) deep canvas.



Black edged canvas with Josh Montgomery's signature logo

JoshuaMontgomery_Andre_3000s - black side canvas


Atlanta: Andre was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and continued to represent his home in many of his songs 

Outkast: Andre 3000 along with Big Boi make up one of the most successful rap groups of all time, Outkast

JoshMontgomeryArt_Andre_3000s -easter_eggs_1

Seven: Andre 3000 and singer Erykah Badu had a son Seven Sirius Benjamin 

"The South Got Something to Say”: True fans of André 3000, Outkast, and hip-hop recognize that André 3000's renowned phrase, "...the south got something to say," served as a rallying cry for Southern artists. This declaration played a pivotal role in shifting the hip-hop landscape, shifting it from the East and West Coasts and introducing a fresh set of stories and sounds from the South...

JoshMontgomeryArt_Andre_3000s -easter_eggs_2

Wait there's more: And there’s more hidden secrets in this masterpiece…add this work of art to your collection. "Free" is an unprecedented opportunity to own a slice of this extraordinary collection, a cherished acquisition for those who recognize the profound intersection of art and story.